Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Creativity - Possibility

Have you ever wondered at the fact we exist here and not there? That we are in Australia at the dawn of the 21st Century and not Asia in the 3rd? If life is a gift, than we are given a particular time, a particular place, and particular relationships. These things surround each of us in a unique way, and each of our lives are animated wherever we find ourselves.
Life is full of different people, histories, and cultures. It is a rich, dense tapestry of countless threads. The wonderful thing is that in each situation, for every human-thread, there is the possibility to be creative – to weave something new. Life comes to us with this amazing attribute: that wherever we are tied into the supporting fabric of time, place or community, we can still be creative. We can come to know and contribute to life in a new way.
What does this have to do with us? As we come together, we can celebrate life of deep, exuberant richness and creativity. And we can celebrate the wonderful attribute of life that is possibility.
In recognising life as a great, elaborate gift, we are thankful for our own existence and can respond into the future with similar goodness and grace.

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